On The Pandemic…
Published on September 10, 2020

It is easy to view these unprecedented times negatively. Indeed, we are experiencing many tribulations, sorrows, and fears with COVID-19. Yet, there is a silver lining within this terrible storm- it is a shared human experience which can bring us closer together, united in our fight against this enemy- even as we work to distance ourselves to slow its spread. Whether you live in an apartment in Toledo, a ranch in America’s heartland, or a Bavarian cottage in the Alps, we are experiencing similar anxieties and inspirations. In amongst the hardships and sorrows, we have witnessed the relentless tenacity of everyday heroes like our nurses, cashiers, truck drivers, and our factory line workers, among others. These are the people working around the clock to keep us safe, fed, and provisioned. The sad reality of this situation, though, is that all too often, these everyday heroes go underappreciated. They have been showing up and working hard long before the pandemic and will continue to do so long after.

At DMS, we want to make sure our work family heroes are never overlooked. We celebrate and cherish their exceptionalism and adherence to our company’s purpose and principles. These men and women show up, and they present us all with a shining light to follow. So, we place a spotlight on them in our company newsletter, showcase them on our social media, and award them through our annual All-Star award celebration. Yet ours is a big work family, and we know that not everybody can receive the recognition they deserve. Still, we want you to know that we are grateful for your contributions, and we want to thank you for all that you do.

People are at the heart of everything we do at DMS. Though the pandemic has dispersed much of our workforce, with salary members mainly working from home, and our hourly employees adapting to a new normal, we have never been closer as a work family. This is thanks to the herculean efforts of many- but our IT Department, and our front-line supervisors deserve special recognition. They are working tirelessly to ensure that our operations remain efficient and our team members are taken care of- and they are doing this in the face of immense obstacles. Yet, they consistently rise to the challenge. For that we are grateful.

In honor of our work family, we recently redefined our purpose statement to reflect our strengthened bonds: We are creating a culture of service. We empower others to grow, rise, and give back -accelerating positive change in the world.

We will continue to uphold and celebrate our heroes while simultaneously working to be a beacon for our customers and our communities. Thank you to all who work with us and continue to help us be our best. Thank you to our customers and friends for your patience and support in these unusual times. And thank you to our communities. We are proud to serve you all.

Please stay safe.