Hello World!
Published on September 18, 2019

Welcome to Detroit Manufacturing System’s (DMS) official blog!

This is our very first blog post ever!

If you are not familiar with us, we are a company that exists to relentlessly prove that passion and purpose are the forces that create great people, teams and companies that will transform the world.

We also happen to be a pretty awesome Tier 1 supplier to Fortune 500 companies. At present we primarily serve the automotive and appliance industries, but we are looking to grow. We specialize in large scale Value-Add assembly while vertically integrating processes such as injection molding allowing our customers to invest their capital in product development and growth.

With DMS, you aren’t simply getting an amazing part at a great value (and you are!), but you are also helping us on our quest to improve people’s lives. Your purchase orders give us the ability to provide college scholarships to our employee’s children to help bear the costs of higher education. We also participate in community clean-ups and revitalization, and we are working to provide living wages to help our employees and their families and greater community not merely survive, but to thrive.

Our company is proudly minority owned and has two plant locations in under served communities in the city of Detroit, and Toledo, and we are pleased to say that we currently employ more than 1000 people. We are thrilled to contribute to the revival of Detroit and Toledo, and we, as an organization (read family) can be summed up by the acronyms G.I.F.T.E.D. people, and R.I.C.H. culture. We seek to become the best versions of ourselves by embracing (G)ratitude, (I)ntegrity, (F)un, (T)eamwork, (E)xcellence, (D)iversity, & (R)espect, (I)nnovation, (C)ommitment and (H)umility. We strive to live these values, and if you are a prospective customer, or an individual in need of employment, we invite you to come see what makes DMS so special.

Thanks for checking out our blog and we invite you to follow our official Social Media channels to stay up-to-date with interesting information and events born out of our amazing people and forward-looking company. Come and share our joy as we have fun and grow together, and work together to help revitalize and give back to our local communities.



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