DMS & The Black United Fund (BUF)
Published on December 10, 2019

Many people, due to lack of resources, education or other items, are not easily afforded the best opportunities to reach their full potential.

At DMS, we are helping to change this. We have purposefully located our plants in communities that are under-served and are revitalizing these areas by offering stable economic (employment) opportunities to individuals who are often overlooked by other potential employers. Additionally, we offer advancement opportunities to our most ambitious and qualified team members. Along these lines, nearly 300 people, who represent more than 20% of our workforce, have been promoted over the past several years.

We also offer opportunities for people to reach their full potential via education. We have a generous tuition assistance program where team members can study any subject matter they desire. We are so dedicated to helping our people grow and achieve that we support them even when their field of study does not directly benefit DMS. Through this program we have had people complete their degrees in unrelated fields and then elect to go pursue their dreams elsewhere. We smile, thank them for their service at DMS and wish them well in their new endeavors.

Beyond this, we also offer scholarships to several well-deserving children of our team mates and we have launched the DMS Academy where we teach life-skills and other educational topics. We invest in and take care of our own.

Next we look for opportunities to help the community at large, where we aim to partner with charitable organizations that echo our principles. This is why we are proud to partner, for example, with the Black United Fund of Michigan. Since their inception in 1970, the BUF of Michigan has granted millions of dollars to thousands of non-profit organizations and programs.

The BUF accomplishes their mission through their 6 pillars of support:

  1. Community Development
  2. Culture
  3. Economic Empowerment
  4. Education
  5. Family Enrichment
  6. Health

We are grateful that through their funding and grants, the BUF is helping to create hope and opportunity for those most in need.

As part of our donation, DMS Chairman & CEO Bruce Smith was invited to sit as a co-chair at their Annual Gala, which was held on Thursday, October 24th at the MGM Grand Ballroom.

He delivered a few remarks to the audience in which he said, “We at DMS have a covenant. When blessings flow TO us, we make sure those same blessings flow THROUGH us”. Bruce, in word and deed, has made it clear we are serious about helping others because as the old saying goes “the best thing you can give someone is a chance.”

To learn more about the Black United Fund of Michigan, please visit their website at



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