2019 DMS All-Stars & MVP
Published on March 04, 2020

At DMS we identify and celebrate our role models. This is why we present annual awards to our All-Stars and MVP!

Besides their stellar performance, these individuals have displayed exemplary behavior in accordance with our company’s values. They show us how to behave, how to work and how to grow. Our All-Stars are guiding us into a successful and bright future at DMS!

Special thanks and congratulations are due to our 2019 MVP Edna Flint! She is truly a shining star at DMS, and we are grateful to work beside her.
Enjoy your vacation Edna!

Our 2019 All-Stars are:

  • Robert Ardis
  • Sherise Brown
  • Maurice Bunn
  • Deontae Copeland
  • Deborah Dailey
  • Jeanine Dotson
  • Edna Flint
  • Jim Gorman
  • Mark Granderson
  • Audrey Hardwell
  • Harrison Hilliard
  • LaTrance Hobson
  • Nelson Lee
  • Olivia Maag
  • Jason Martin
  • Leonard Mason
  • Sierra Massey
  • Diane McCullough
  • Robert McGruder
  • Henry McLaurin
  • Rickey Morris
  • Dante Osborne
  • Tammy Poore
  • Ritendra Rajpurohit
  • Chad Randolph
  • Carvin Rudolph
  • Frank Sampson
  • Danielle Sanders
  • Lochan Shrestha
  • Michael Slater
  • Raed Slewa
  • Marquis Smith
  • James Speight
  • Michael Turner
  • Dejuan Weems
  • John Wesley
  • Kenya Williams
  • Mike Williams
  • Tommishena Wilson
  • Lindsay Woolridge
  • David Wright

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